Zillertal Tirol

snowshoe hiking

Snowshoeing offers a serene and invigorating winter adventure, allowing you to explore snow-covered landscapes with ease and grace.



Snowshoe hiking is a magical winter experience that brings you closer to the heart of snow-covered wilderness. As you strap on your snowshoes and take the first step onto the powdery trail, you enter a serene world of hushed forests and pristine landscapes. The gentle swish of snowshoes through the snowpack and the rhythmic sound of your breath create a smooth ambiance that contrasts with the hustle of everyday life.

Unlike skiing or snowboarding, snowshoeing is accessible to almost anyone, regardless of skill level. It provides an opportunity to explore remote areas, trekking across frozen lakes, through dense forests and up snow-draped mountainsides.

Equipped with the right gear, snowshoe hiking offers adventure and connection with nature. Whether you're seeking solitude or sharing the experience with friends and family, it's a winter activity that fosters a deep appreciation for the wonder of the season. So, breathe in the crisp air and savor the tranquility of snowshoe hiking in all its natural splendor.


Meeting in the morning at the starting point of our hike. After an introduction into the equipment we can start to discouver the winter wonderland. Depending on the group ability we find the right tour, while hiking you can enjoy the pure connection to nature and the silence of snow cowered mountains.

  • strength and condition
    your are fit enough for 3 hours of hiking up the mountains
  • Technique
    no special technique needed

Meeting Point: Our starting point will be announced in advance

Cost per person
(group out of 5 or more)
€ 115,-
Cost per person
(group out of 4)
€ 135,-
Cost per person
(group out of 3)
€ 165,-
Cost privat guiding (1 -2 persons) € 450,-
duration 1 day
dates from Dec to April

Included Service
  • guiding and organisation by IFMGA Mountain and Ski Guide
  • avalanche safety equipment (beacon, probe and shovel) if needed, depending on the tour
  • pictures of your winter adventure
Extra Costs
  • perhabs lift tickert
  • food for your day
  • equipment (snowshoes and poles) 20,- € per person If you need rental equipment, just let us know.

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