Zillertal Tirol

Ice climbing for beginners

Ice climbing offers an exhilarating blend of physical challenge and breathtaking natural beauty, as you ascend frozen cascades and icicles in an unique and captivating vertical environment.



Ice climbing is an adventurous and thrilling outdoor activity that involves scaling frozen waterfalls, ice-covered rock faces, and icy cliffs using specialized equipment such as ice axes, crampons, and ropes. It combines elements of rock climbing and mountaineering, demanding both physical strength and mental focus as climbers navigate the intricate and ever-changing formations of ice.

From the crisp sound of ice crunching underfoot to the shimmering landscapes created by sunlight refracting through frozen surfaces, ice climbing offers a captivating experience that challenges individuals to conquer nature's frozen vertical playground.


Meeting in the morning at our ice climbing location (announced in advance).

First we make comfortable with the equipment, afterwards a certified mountainguide teaches you all techniques for climbing on the ice and to belay your partner with the rope. During the day you will be supervised by the guide with a lot of tips and tricks. We climb as long your power lasts.

  • strength and condition
    your are fit to stay a day outside in cold temperatures
  • Technique
    no climbing experience needed

Just bring fun and the urge to explore a new kind of activity in the nature :-)


Meeting Point: the exact location will be announced in advance, depending on conditions

Cost per person
(group out of 4 or more)
€ 140,-
Cost per person
(group out of 3)
€ 175,-
Cost per person
(group out of 2)

€ 240,-

Cost privat guiding (1 person) € 450,-
duration 1 day
dates from Dec to March


Included Service
  • teaching/guiding and organisation by IFMGA Mountain and Ski Guide
  • rental ice climbing equipment, except Boots (you need waterproof hiking boots, mountaineering boots or skitouring boots)
  • pictures of your ice climbing experience
Extra Costs
  • accommodation
  • food for your day

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